Mobile App Development

We develop for all common mobile and tablet platforms such as iPhone, Android, Android tablet, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry. Our team has been building interactive, dynamic and enterprise applications using cutting edge applications such as

  • Education apps
  • Games and multimedia apps
  • Social networking
  • Business apps
  • Retail service apps,
  • Financial and money management apps
  • Directory and Geo location apps
  • Polls apps
  • Calendar and events apps
  • Event apps
  • Reservations, booking and ticketing apps etc.

We thoroughly test every possible interaction with the application and all features before they are deployed for use. Even when our clients think the highest level of quality has been attained, we still keep working.

Here at Zepstra, we creates powerful, high performance mobile applications using structured development methods and, best programming practices, coding guideline and standards. Our cost and time saving development methods, experienced developers, latest and emerging technology makes us a better choice.

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