Zepstra Welcomes Interns from College of Technology, University of Buea

Today, Zepstra Buea was excited to welcome 4 Interns from the department of Software Engineering, College of Technology, University of Buea.  On their arrival, they were given a warm welcome by the staff of Zepstra. The Intern Coordinator, Chi Serge laid emphasis on the rules and regulation of the company.

They were then briefed by their Internship supervisor, Franklin Fotang on

  • what they will be working on and what they will be expected to accomplish
  • What special equipment, techniques, software, etc, they will learn or use in accomplishing the above tasks
  • What daily work schedule they will be expected to keep
  • whom they will report for day-to-day supervision.

Over time, Interns have added tremendously to the culture of our company because they always come in refreshed and energetic; and that’s why we always welcome them with open arms.



Author: ZEPSTRA Team
Zepstra is a Cameroonian-based Information Technology Company that offers services in custom software Development, Internet Marketing and IT consulting. Zepstra offers first-class services intended to meet customer’s unique needs.

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