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General Advice for Interns That Can Help You Make The Most of Your Internship

Be proactive: Don’t just wait for your supervisor or mentor to assign you tasks. Take initiative and look for opportunities to contribute to projects or take on additional responsibilities. Ask questions: Don’t be afraid to ask for help or clarification when you’re unsure about something. Your colleagues and supervisors are there to support you and

Zepstra Welcomes Interns from College of Technology, University of Buea

Today, Zepstra Buea was excited to welcome 4 Interns from the department of Software Engineering, College of Technology, University of Buea.  On their arrival, they were given a warm welcome by the staff of Zepstra. The Intern Coordinator, Chi Serge laid emphasis on the rules and regulation of the company. They were then briefed by

Zepstra CEO at The launch/Community Challenge ‘Hack Day’ of the Facebook Developers Circle Buea

The event which started after 10am local time at St. Claire Hotel, Molyko, Buea was attended by a couple of dozens of techies and non-techies around the Buea community. The event was tag “The launch/Community Challenge ‘Hack Day’ of the Facebook Developers Circle Buea”. The Facebook Developers Circle Launch which introduced the Buea community to

Zepstra to Open Its New Office in Molyko, Buea

Zepstra Limited is one of the major contributors to the community of Silicon Mountain. We are delighted to inform you that Zepstra Limited will be opening its new office at UB Street, Molyko, Buea. As you are aware that Zepstra Limited has always believed in serving its clients, customers, and other stakeholders with the best

LUKMEF Releases the Highly Awaited NGO Project Management Software

It was an amazing day earlier today as the first fruit of the partnership between LUKMEF Cameroon and Zepstra Limited came to light. At the grand launching which took place at FAKO SHIP PLAZA situated at Turbug Junction,  Buea at 9:00 am, the members of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) had the first look at the